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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

ALL-Australia 2/18/1994

well after along absence i decided to get the blog going again.It will be mainly for muisc and live shows,but i will be uploading video clips on you tube so you can click the link to the right to go see those.

Heres a great sounding of ALL when they played at the prince of wales hotel in melbourne australia on feb 18th 1994.This came from a bootleg that came out on bacstage records.


Monday, December 11, 2006

the fartz-world full of hate-1982

heres a great album by one of the better known early hardcore bands to come from seattle washington.The singer blaine cook would later go on to sing for the accused,and one of their early drummers,Duff McKagan went on to join the hard rock band guns and roses.

01 - people united
02 -heros
03 - when will it end
04 - rights
05 dont want no gun
06 -questions and answers
07 -viet vet
08 -battle hymn of ronald reagan
09 -world full of hate
10 -bible stories
11 - whats wrong
12 - happy apathy
13 -know-it-alls
14 -freight train
15 -take a stand (against the klan)
16 -children of the grave

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

R.I.P.-Mike Webber of the Nip Drivers

Well punk has lost yet another one.Mike webber the singer for the nip drivers just passed away due to a apparent heart failure possible from a od of morphine on saturday.The medicine that helped him recover from his recent heart surgery.If anyone knows any other info on this feel free to add it.As a tribute here are there album destroy whitey

01 - nip driver
02 - jane goodall
03 - dog and a cow
04 - quentin
05 - nips get pissed
06 - new song07 - cindy
08 - you need us
09-in this room

Friday, November 10, 2006

insolents-spit in the mirror lp 1987

i remember wearing out these guys ep spout off from listening to it so much,that when i seen them release this album i bought it right away,and wasnt disappointed.Dont know to much about this band except they were from la habra ca,played alot of shows around the san diego ca area,and had a couple releases on mystic records in the 80s.If you have any other info on them feel free to add it.

01 -laugh
02 - a.n.u.s
03 - geritol city
04 - words to live by
05 - cops eyes
06 - spit in the mirror
07 - crystal nights
08 - backgroud music
09 -upward mobility
10 -easy way out
11 - school daze
12 - t.n.s
13 - were the guys

Monday, November 06, 2006

sloppy seconds-veronica

Heres a rare video of sloppy seconds -veronica.Its from 1988,off the album destoyer.Its a little on the pop side which alot of their songs were,but still pretty good.

Video: sloppy seconds veronica

Friday, November 03, 2006

Battalion of Saints-Bobs Place-6/11/82

Heres a nice early recording of the great battalion of saints.Decent quality audience recording.If you enjoy the live audio shows leave a comment as i have alot of nice shows i will post in the future.

01 - intercourse
02-cops are out
03-solitary is fun
04 - devil darkness.
05 unknown
06 - beefmasters
07 - animal in man
08 - witch world
09 - modern day heroes
10 - sweat little girls
11 - fighting boys

Monday, October 30, 2006

bl'ast power of expression

heres a great album by the santa cruz band bl'ast,Imo their best release.Alot of people compared them to damaged era black flag,what do you think?They originally formed in 1982 under the name M.A.D. and finally broke up in the late 90's after releasing 3 lps,a ep and a few tracks on different comps

12-blast- nightmare

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

detox-detox album 1985

Dont know a whole lot about this band.I do know that they were a hugely underated band back in the 80s from the los angeles area.They had 2 albums released on flipside records,then a few eps also.Some of the members went on to play in thelonius monster.

01 - No Reggae In Russia
02 - Henderson St.
03 - Child For One
04 - Radio Henri
05 - Submerge
06 - Life On Cahuenga
07 - Ick The Eem.mp3
08 - Placidyl Polka (Eddie's Drunk Again)
09 - Soul Boat
10 - I Hate The French
11 - Seasons In The Sun
12 - Shoot The Kid

Monday, October 16, 2006

M.I.A.-After the Fact 1987

1987 After the Fact LP, Flipside (FSR011). Recorded and produced by Richard Andrews at Radio Tokyo in Venice, California. MIA was: Chris Moon, drums; Mark Arnold, guitar and vocals; Frank Daly, bass and vocals; Mike Conley, vocals and guitar. Songs: Edge of Forever, What I See, Whisper in the Wind, Beautiful World (but not for me), California Dreamin’, When It’s Over, Time to Change, It Follows Me, Whatever Happened, It's Hard to Say You're Wrong, Broken, Out of Control. Band tours US and Canada.

01-Edge of Forever
02-What I See
03-Whisper in the Wind
04-Beautiful World
05-California Dreamin
06-When Its Over
07-Time to Change
08-It Follows Me
09-Whatever Happened
10-Hard to Say Youre Wrong
12-Out of Control

Monday, October 09, 2006

Kaos - Product Of A Sick Mind EP 1980

one day during high school these guys had their gear set up on the stage next to our cafeteria and invited all of us to watch em play after school..
flipped our frickin beaks...

01 Kaos - Alcoholiday.mp3
02 Kaos - Top Secret.mp3
03 Kaos - Iron Dream.mp3
04 Kaos - Auto Pilot (live).mp3

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Icons of Filth- used abused and unamused ep 1983

Icons of Filth' started life as Mock Death in Cardiff in 1979 with Aitch on drums, Daffy on guitar, Socket on bass and Fran and Tina sharing vocal duties. After several gigs in the local area, Mock Death called it a day after 1 year.

'Atomic Filth' formed shortly afterwards with Socket, Daffy and Aitch from Mock Death and Stig Andrew Sewell on vocals. Within a year the name had been changed to Icons of Filth and Socket had left to be replaced on bass by Ed. After gigging extensively, the cassette LP "Not On Her Majesties Service" is recorded in October 1982 becoming the 1st release on Conflict's Mortarhate label, this 1st release showcases Stigs intelligent and thought-provoking lyrics which are lined up as a full-frontal attack on those in positions of authority. This is followed up by the May 1983 recording "Used, Abused and Unamused" which was released on Corpus Christi records. Ed leaves after this to be replaced by Fish on bass. In December 1983, Onward Christian Soldiers was recorded and released on Mortarhate records. This LP featured a strong animal rights theme. After extensively gigging during 1984, usually with Conflict, the "Brain Death" EP was recorded in Oct 1984. This was followed in April 1985 by the "Filth & the Fury" EP. Not long after this the different members drifted apart due to family and job commitments.

a measure of insecurity
asking to much
used abused unamused

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Teen Idles Demo 1981

The Teen Idles was a hardcore punk band that existed only for about 14 months. Jeff Nelson and Ian MacKaye formed the band as well as Dischord Records, revolutionizing the Washington DC music scene and setting the stage for the formation of Minor Threat and the inadvertent development of the straight edge movement. The Teen Idles was the first band on Dischord Records.

Nathan Strejcek — vocals
Geordie Grindle — guitar
Ian MacKaye — bass and backing vocals
Jeff Nelson — drums

Track01 teen idles
Track02 i drink milk
Track03 sneakers
Track04 instrumental
Track05 commie song
Track06 trans am
Track07 deadhead
Track08 do you love me
Track09 no fun

Sunday, September 24, 2006

T.S.O.L. 1980 Demo 7" bootleg

When T.S.O.L.(True Sounds Of Liberty) blasted onto the Orange County punk explosion in 1979 with white face paint, 6’ plus frames and blazing punk anthems, they were automatically a force to be reckoned with. There were obvious reasons why TSOL was so huge so fast: They were cuter, their songs were catchier and their live show was a lot more energetic and fun then any other band going. They single handedly initiated the influx of girls into the early 80’s punk scene. With songs about fucking the dead, “Code Blue” and gothic punk ballads like “Silent Scream”, they became the first punk “phenomenon”. it was the “OC Invasion”, and they were one of the very first punk bands I've ever heard.
01 80 times
02 superficial love
03 you dont have to die
04 silent majority

Shattered Faith - I love America / Reagan Country Ep - 1981

From Huntington Beach CA, Shattered Faith has been writing and performing original punk rock since 1978 and are recognized as pioneers in the first wave of Southern California punk rock bands. Spencer is now in the Pushers.

01 i love america
02 reagan country

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Die Kreuzen - Cows and Beer EP 1982

From the Mid West, Die Kreuzen started in 1981 when four suburban kids from Illinois and Winsconsin joined forces in Milwaukee. Their name was chosen specifically to avoid stereotyping, because "no one knows what it means". Their name means "the cross" in German.
Raw and Shocking, Cows And Beer EP was unlike anything else coming out at the time. Die Kreuzen took the basic formula for hardcore and twisted it around so that it sounded sick and scary again.

01 in school
02 think for me
03 hate me
04 pain
05 dont say please
06 enemies

septic death demo 84 85

Heres a little info i got from wikipedia on septic death:
Septic Death (Boise, Idaho) is a hardcore punk band fronted by artist Brian"Pushead"Schroeder. Septic Death's music became a major influence on bands like Integrity, Citizen's Arrest, Infest, and many other bands tied to the hardcore punk, thrashcore, crust punk, grindcore etc. scenes.
"Septic death's songs deal mainly with fear and paranoia, the mental state of a person and how it functions. A few songs deal with current issues, but those are so depressing just to read the paper, why bring more attention than a song? If you seek to bring out solutions or terror to open eyes of fear, that is well constructed. But just complaints do not have meanings of knowledge. Strength away from fear or the acceptance of fear and what it creates makes it wiser for the mind... not the person who sings the song he writes but lives in terror of them. Open the eyes and let the enjoyment in; the awareness is essential.
This is there 84 85 demo ripped as 1 track @192 kbps.The track list is below:

sweat of a nightmare
core of reality
dream silent
poison mask

septic death demo 84 85

Friday, September 22, 2006

J.F.A. Blatant Localism EP 1981

JFA was formed around March of 1981. and came out with their debut EP "Blatent Localsm" in late 1981. Pendleton, then in the band "The Deez" and Cornelius, then in the band "Jr. Chemists", knew each other from shows around Phoenix, Arizona and from skateboarding. They began playing together after a D.O.A. concert during the band's Hardcore 81 tour. Bam-Bam later joined after meeting Pendleton at an "Industrial Dance" in Phoenix, and bestowed the moniker on the band,(Jody Fosters Army) which is a reference to his second-cousin's, John Hinckley, Jr., attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan.
The band's first show was opening for Black Flag at an Industrial Dance which was one of a series of early Phoenix punk shows. Their first song of the night was Pipetruck. I Can't stress enough how much these guys influenced me.

01- Out Of School
02- Jody Fosters Army
03- Do the Hannigan
04- Count
05- Beach Blanket Bong Out
06- Cokes and Snickers

Thursday, September 21, 2006

the clitboys we dont play the game ep 1983

I couldnt find to much info on this band so i am including a article i found on kfth.
The CLITBOYS are unique in that they stepped almost full born into controversy. From their earliest gigs to their new record (We Don't Play Their Game) they have had to deal with a flurry of criticism, from the political lyrics of the songs to the imitative nature of their thrash. The band has become one of the centers of division between "political" punks and "non-political" punks. That such a storm of disagreement should surround such a new and relatively obscure band is no small reflection on their goals. From the beginning, the band has consciously addressed pressing issues, from homophobia to conformity; sometimes, as their critics have said, in a manner heard many times before. If the CLITBOYS sometimes seem unoriginal in their approach to their music, it's possibly a reflection of lead singer and bassist Michael K.'s character. He is an enigmatic performer, whose ambition, more often than not, exceeds his grasp; and though somewhat confusing, his arguments never betray the slightest insincerity.

no such thing
have faith
gays ok
slogan boy
so funny
we dont play the game

CIA Gods Guns Guts ep 1983

C.I.A: God Guts Guns EP (Schmegma Records) 1983
From Connecticut.After this record Kenny the guitar player and singer (Bones) left and formed 76% Uncertain, whos first LP "Estimated Monkey Time" picks up were this EP left off. The rest of the band carried on with a new guitar player and poor LP, obviously missing the former members.

who cares and death
commie control
love and war
no thrills

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Red Rockers-Condition Red-1981

The Red Rockers were a great punk band from New Orleans who took their name from the Dils song of the same name. Inspired by groups like the Clash, Stiff Little Fingers and the Dils, they started off as the Rat Finks doing cover tunes of aforementioned groups, then changed their name and released the "Guns of Revolution" single before moving to San Francisco. There they hooked up with 415 Records and put out this great LP in 1981. Despite popular claims, this was not produced by Jello Biafra, something which has been constantly perpetrated on rare punk lists for years. He does, however, sing backing vocals on their punk-country cover of "Folsom Prison Blues.

red rockers - condition red - 01 - guns of revolution
red rockers - condition red - 02 - teenage underground
red rockers - condition red - 03 - peer pressure
red rockers - condition red - 04 - can you hear
red rockers - condition red - 05 - grow up
red rockers - condition red - 06 - know what i think
red rockers - condition red - 07 - dead heroes
red rockers - condition red - 08 - folsom prison blues
red rockers - condition red - 09 - condition red
red rockers - condition red - 10 - hold on.mp3
red rockers - condition red - 11 - white law
red rockers - condition red - 12 - live or die

Big Boys - Where's My Towel/Industry Standard - 1981

I used to skate in the ditches for hours listening to these guys constantly with my sony walkman.....
legendary skate punk from texas.
RIP biscuit! we love you!

01 - Security
02 - T.V.
03 - I Dont Wanna Dance
04 - Identity Crisis
05 - Thin Line
06 - Advice
07 - Complete Control
08 - Work Without Pay
09 - Spit.mp3
10 - Act,Reaction
11 - Self Control
12 - Wise Up

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I have decided to make this blog public.. because I and a few friends will be upping lots of albums here..
and I think its best this way for a while..

if i can stick to out-of-print content.. then I will keep it public.

time will tell.
I still have a lot of tweaking to do for this blog.
I'm gonna start on the logo today...

Monday, September 18, 2006

punk dead - nah mate. the smell is jus summink in yer underpants innit - 1982

I think it was in '83, I was board in tower records one saturday night back in the day. this album cought my eye. as with many albums I grabbed back then, I looked at it for a few minutes and
put it my bomber jacket and just went outside to drink some maddog 20/20. with my
buddies. I didnt tell them I had the record.. for fear they would take it....I had it for a while.. but eventually someone
did take it. I loved this album! didn't know anything about it at the time.....and I still don't.

01. mau maus - give us a future
02. xtract - war heroes
03. anti system - mans world
04. mania - power to the people
05. xpozez - factory fodder
06. septic psychos - not wanted
07. anti system - breakout
08. xtract - aftermath
09. septic psychos - the thatcher
10. xpozez - no respect
11. mau maus - clampdown
12. mania - stick together

day two...

I've asked a friend to join in this blog.. so that we might have some very interesting stuff on here.
and i might ask a few others to contribute to the cause.
cuz if things go right...then this will be a very cool blog soon..
its still in the initial stages though..

Sunday, September 17, 2006

My first blog post

Today is my first blog post.
I'm gonna post mp3 files on this blog!
Cant wait to get started.. but first I have to set up this page..
and finish my work..
sooo... I'll be back.


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